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Fram & Sax News December 2016

01 December 2016
Fram & Sax News December 2016

December will be a busy month for the Fram and Sax CP fund raising team.  From 1 December to 7 December you will find us at the iChameleon Pop-Up Shop in the High Street, Halesworth and on Sunday, 4 December we will have our stall (outside Boots) at the Woodbridge Christmas Fair.  The last of this year’s Cat Homing Events will be at the Market Hall, Saxmundham on Saturday, 10 December; your chance to meet your new best feline friend.  All of these events are ideal opportunities to stock-up on CP cards, calendars and Christmas gifts and, of course, support the cats and the work we do.  See full details on our website.


Time now to reflect on the eventful past 12 months.  Fostering, trapping, rescuing and neutering have been relentless.  We took in abandoned cats, pregnant cats, un-neutered cats, sick cats and a whole host of kittens.  At one point there were over forty kittens in our foster homes and cabins.  Work with ferals has not diminished and our neutering campaign continues.


Fund raising has been hectic; the start of the year being very damp and windy we had a few events which did not go quite as planned; one gazebo wrecked by the wind and one a near wash-out with the rain.  None of this dampened the spirits of the team and the volunteers soldiered on tirelessly, still managing to smile and talk ‘cats’ with our ever loyal supporters.  Eventually the sun did shine but whatever the weather there was much to enjoy at some of the best events in the area: Heveningham, the Suffolk Show, Westleton Barrel Fair, Woobridge Regatta to name but a few.


New volunteers were recruited during 2016 and we always need more.  Whether you can spare a few hours to help on our stalls or think you would like to take felines into your home as a short-term foster carer, we would love to hear from you.  We are particularly hoping to recruit someone who has a small van (or large car) who can transport goods to and from our events, particularly in the Woodbridge area.  Do get in touch if you can help in any way.

Happy ChristmasWe would like to say ‘thank you’ to; all those who have adopted cats and kittens this year; all those who so generously donated money and bought goods; new members who joined the branch and all the wonderful supporters and volunteers without whom we cannot help the cats in the way we do.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you all.