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Fram & Sax Cat Care and News September 2017

01 September 2017
Fram & Sax Cat Care and News September 2017

It has been another busy summer for everyone at Fram and Sax CP. Lots of successful events have contributed towards funding for the very many kittens which have been cared for by our dedicated fosterers. Over recent years the number of kittens we have been asked to take in has not diminished. To alleviate this perennial problem we continue to promote the importance of neutering. CP advises that kittens should be neutered at about 16 weeks old. All cats adopted from us will have been neutered or if not yet old enough, we will offer a free neutering voucher. So, help break the cycle of unwanted kittens and ensure your cat is neutered. In hardship cases we may be able to help with the cost. Please contact us for details.


Cat care: Feline Acne: Some cats, like humans, are unfortunate to suffer from acne. Feline acne is an inflammatory disorder and starts as small blackheads on the chin and lower lips. These are caused by hair follicles becoming blocked by excess sebum (oil) and keratin, which lead to localised inflammation. This may in turn be aggravated by a secondary bacterial or fungal infection. In some cats it can arise as a result of an allergic reaction and sometimes vets recommend changing the type of food bowl used in case of a contact allergy. Some cats have a single occurrence which once treated will not re-occur; others have a continual problem which requires life-long treatment. It is always wise to seek veterinary advice as specific treatment can depend on the possible cause.


Catology:There are many versions of the origin of the term 'grinning like a Cheshire cat'. Popularised by Lewis Carol, his fictional comic character the 'Cheshire Cat' in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, was known for its distinctive grin and the ability to disappear. This mysterious character embodies the magic and sorcery historically associated with cats. Whatever the origin, we can all vouch for the moggies who seems to disappear with a cheeky look on their faces, at the first sign of mischief!


Featured cats looking for a Home: This handsome lad (above) is Minstrel who is looking for a home with his brother Patchy.  They are about four years old, very affectionate and playful. They would like a home where they can explore outside safely. Please come and visit them soon if you could help them get their new start in life.  See them  on our adoption pages here.