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Fram & Sax Cat Care and News October 2017

01 October 2017
Fram & Sax Cat Care and News October 2017

As our fund- raisers prepare for the Christmas season, our cat fosterers are also being kept busy with the continuing influx of cats needing new homes. If you are looking for a new feline companion, please consider adopting from a reputable rescue charity rather than shopping sites or kitten 'farms' from where you may not be given advice on the cat's health. All CP cats and kittens come with the assurance that they will be health checked, vaccinated, treated for flea and worms, micro-chipped and neutered.


Dates for your diary: We will have stalls at Farlingaye School Craft Fair in Woodbridge on 15 October; and at Edinburgh Woollen Mills, Wyvale Garden Centre, Woodbridge on 17 October and National Black Cat day will be celebrated on 27 October.


Cat with vetCat care: Feline asthma is a term used to describe a number of conditions affecting the airways in the lungs. It occurs when airway tissue becomes inflamed, the airways become narrowed and the cat has difficulty breathing. The cause may be due to an allergic response. A ‘trigger’ factor or irritant may be identified as the cause and this can include pollens, dust, cigarette smoke and some household sprays.


Signs of the disease include chronic coughing, sneezing and/or wheezing, sudden onset of laboured and difficulty breathing. Diagnosis will be made by your vet; chest X-rays and examination of the airways with an endoscope may be necessary and samples taken for laboratory examination. Treatment and management can be by anti-inflammatory drugs (oral, injection or inhalational), drugs which assist the airways to dilate, and drugs which help dissolve mucus can be given. Management should involve reducing exposure to irritants – for example, if pollen is an issue, limit outside access to dawn and dusk when pollen levels are lower than other times of the day. Prognosis depends on the severity of the disease and most cats respond well to treatment. Acute severe attacks can be fatal if treatment is not given promptly. Situations where the cat could inhale irritants should be avoided and medication administered as directed to ensure attacks are limited.


Catology:As Black Cat Day approaches, we have found another good reason (if such were actually needed) to have a sleek, shiny black feline about the house. In Manx mythology it is said that 'a family that kept a black cat without a speck of any other colour would never have anyone drowned at sea'.


Black cat dayFeatured cats looking for a Home: We have a number of beautiful, handsome and adorable black and black and white cats of all ages looking for their new start in life. Jett, Berri, Layla,Theo, Monty, Avon and Tyne are just a few who are looking forward to meeting you soon.


See our website: framandsax.cats.org.uk or telephone 01728 723499 for more information about adopting cats in our care; event dates; cat-care leaflets; how to become a volunteer fund-raiser or fosterer and other ways you can support us. Also find us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.