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Fram & Sax Cat Care and News May 2017

01 May 2017
Fram & Sax Cat Care and News May 2017
Following a busy month of fund raising events in April including another successful Homing Event, we are looking forward to our summer events including the Suffolk Show. At the show we shall once again be sharing our marquee with the Ipswich branch; Fram and Sax will be present on Wednesday, 31 May and Ipswich on Thursday, 01 June. Do come and say hello.

Cat care: Take Care When Cleaning Your Patio - With summer almost here, many of us will be thinking of cleaning patios and paths. If you have a pet cat, think carefully before you start. The safest option is to use a pressure washer or a method which does not include chemicals. Many chemical patio cleaners on sale contain benzalkonium chloride, which can be toxic to cats, and if not used carefully, exposed cats could potentially suffer severe reactions.

Benzalkonium chloride is found in many household disinfectants, including commonly used antibacterial sprays and patio cleaners. These detergents are irritants and can cause adverse effects in cats that have licked or walked over treated surfaces and then groomed or cleaned their paws and ingested the chemical. These effects are often seen several hours after exposure and symptoms typically include drooling, a red and inflamed tongue and a high temperature. The mouth may be extremely painful and cats may stop eating.

A recently reported case involved a cat becoming ill after exposure to a patio cleaner which was described as being 'safe for children and pets'. The cat's owner had followed the advice on the product and kept the cat inside for the recommended time and until the detergent had dried. However, the next day the cat developed a high temperature, was drooling profusely and had ulcerations in its mouth. The cat was treated with pain relief, fluids and medication and luckily is now fully recovered.

If you have no alternative method of cleaning, always follow closely the guidance from the manufacturer of the product, but importantly, remember when using concentrated disinfectants (such as patio or floor cleaners), that the area should be thoroughly rinsed and allowed to dry before cats have access. Rinsing is particularly vital as if treated areas become wet again (eg, from rainfall, wet paws or even a cat licking the surface) the product may still be present.

If you think your cat has come into contact with a disinfectant wash it off straight away and seek immediate veterinary advice, as the quicker treatment is received the more positive the outcome. Although cases of poisoning are relatively uncommon, they can be severe, and care should always be taken when using these products.

chatty catCatologoy: If you feel you are being manipulated by your chatty, furry feline friend , you are probably correct. They learn to manipulate us with their meows and some develop a cry like a baby to ensure they have our full attention. Meowing is a behaviour that cats have developed exclusively to communicate with people. They do not use it to communicate with each other.