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Fram & Sax Cat Care and News March 2017

01 March 2017
Fram & Sax Cat Care and News March 2017

Why having a cat could be beneficial to your child: If you are undecided about giving in to your child’s request for a pet, then perhaps some of these benefits of homing a cat may persuade you.

  • Stronger immune systems: studies indicate that children exposed to animals from a young age are less likely to develop allergies and asthma in later life.  They are generally healthier physically, emotionally and socially.
  • Learning responsibility: whilst the wellbeing of a pet should be the obligation of the whole family, if children are allowed a level of responsibility themselves, it can enhance their sense of achievement and commitment.
  • Comfort and companionship: studies show that children with pets have greater self-esteem and confidence than those without a pet.  Many children say that their best friend is their cat or dog.
  • Improved social skills: it has been shown that children with pets are more sociable, assertive, more responsible and confident at school than those without pets.
  • The circle of life: although a difficult subject, inevitably a pet will not live for ever.  This passage of life and death teaches children a valuable lesson and may help prepare them to better cope with bereavement in the future.


Finally, adopting a cat from Cats Protection will teach them about the benefits of helping a creature less fortunate than themselves.


An important responsibility of owning a cat is to ensure it is neutered.  Every adult cat adopted from Fram and Sax Cats protection will have been neutered.  When a kitten leaves our care before it is old enough a neutering voucher will be given to cover the cost.  We cannot stress highly enough the importance of neutering to help control the vast numbers of unwanted kittens we are seeing every year.  If you already have a cat which is un-neutered we may, under certain circumstances, be able to help with the cost.  Please call to find out more.


cat and ratCatolgoy: Chinese mythology suggests why it is that cats hate rats.  Apparently, they were once the best of friends until some five thousand years ago when the Jade Emperor announced that he was creating a new Zodiac calendar. Each year would be named after a different creature, the first 12 animals to win a race.  The cat and the rat had a pact; each would ensure the other woke on time to start the race.  However, the rat reneged on his promise and did not wake the sleepy cat.  The rat completed the race and became one of the chosen signs, whilst the poor cat awoke too late to compete.  Enraged, the cat swore that cats would henceforth be sworn enemies of rats.