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Fram & Sax Cat Care and News August 2017

01 August 2017
Fram & Sax Cat Care and News August 2017

A little later than usual, the kitten season started in late June this year, so our fosterers have been busy in the early summer months caring for and socialising many tiny, furry felines. Some kittens will quite quickly be ready to go off to their new start in life, at about nine to twelve weeks old. Those which may have had little or no previous human interaction could take a little longer to be ready for a home environment. With care, patience and the dedication of their fosterer, these too, will be fully prepared for their new lives, albeit after a longer stay in care.

Dates for your diary
:  We look forward to seeing you at our forthcoming fundraising events: 6 August, Antiques Fair on the Green, Southwold; 20 August, Westleton Barrel Fair; 26 August, Orford Flower Show; 28 August, outside Lloyds Bank, Southwold High Street.

Cat care
Toy Safety:  Playing with your feline friend is very important, whatever their age, but care should always be taken with the type of toy used. Kittens learn their hunting skills early and love nothing more than chasing an object on the end of a string, catching it and finally 'killing' it. When choosing these 'fishing' type toys always ensure they do not have anything attached which may come off during play and be inadvertently swallowed; always remove and discard things such as bells or other small objects before play. Never leave a kitten alone with string as they can easily get tangled up and may be strangled in their panic to escape. Some climbing frames have toys dangling from string; this should be removed if kittens are to be left unsupervised. Balls of wool are also a temptation to cats of all ages, but again, should be kept out of their reach; as should thread with needles attached, which could easily be swallowed with disastrous consequences.


Toys need not be expensive as cats and kittens will enjoy playing with simple things. Table tennis balls, strips of fabric or feathers firmly attached to a stick and boxes or large paper bags to jump into to hide their knitted mice will all keep them amused and active.


Catology:Each cat's nose is as unique as a human fingerprint. No two cats will have the same bumps and ridges on their noses. So, next time something goes missing or gets knocked over, forget the paw prints to identify the culprit look out for the nose prints!

Featured cats looking for a Home: Twinkle is three and her daughter Princess is 18 months old. This delightful pair of sweet, shiny, black beauties are looking for a new home together. Could you give them the new start they deserve?  See more about them by clicking here.